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Jet 4 points Bougi Water to avoid knee problems
Since the jet chooses Teddy Bridgewater as their quarter-off, Bri Gauter also should clear people's confusion to his future, showing its own responsibility. Unfortunately, on Wednesday held on Wednesday, Briguwater did not do this.

Is the reporter asked whether the knee returned to the perfect state, and Briggwater was ready to participate in the training period training, Briguart chose to avoid asking questions.

"I don't want to talk about it now," Briguwater answers, "I didn't talk about these after I started training. At that time, we have a detailed plan."

Prior to the serious knee injury in 2016, Brigate was the four-point guard of Viking. His ambiguous answer also explained the team why the team is willing to let him enter the free market, why he finally only sign a contract with the jet a year of incentive bonus.

Although the health of the knee is not unreasonable, Briguwater is very confident on his return.

"I believe I am very believed in myself," Briguwater said, "I also believe that physical training and coaches will help me find the status of the past. But now just in March, I want to be better, I must start working. I am very happy to have this opportunity. "

In the contract with a salary of $ 15 million, Briguwater's guarantee is only about $ 500,000, and he has a risk that is cut off at the training camp. The 38-year-old, Josh McCown, is currently in front of him. If the jet is selected from April, the competitive pressure of Briguwater is even greater. But he himself said: "As an athlete, a player, I welcome all competition."